Greetings from America! I am pleased to present you with the latest, first, and to be the only entry from OSU: The Golden Years.

So let’s just start off by saying that I have the greatest friends in the world. One of my good Sphinx (secret senior honorary… I’ll pause briefly to allow your awe to pass) friends came up to Niagara Falls NY to pick me up and take me to the Sphinx Linking ceremony, inducting in the newest honorary class, down in Columbus OH. It was an awesome drive with tons of sunshine (it appears as though my hunt for blue skies was successful). My bud is extremely well-versed in international politics, and we had plenty to talk about on the 6 hour drive down. We got down the day prior to the festivities so a small group went out and had some drinks, but we turned in comparatively early to save energy for the day and night that was to come. 

The ceremony was amazing. It was cool to see everything as a tried link. You don’t notice things when you’re getting linked because you are completely surprised and don’t know what to expect next, and when you’re running around planning things as a current link you’re too busy to stop and reflect. One year removed from everything was the best way to experience everything… and that includes the night festivities - you just have to show up and enjoy yourself. We all pretty much got tanked. A group of Sphinx friends and I went to one of their houses to start things going. It was a gorgeous afternoon and a couple of us tossed a football around and drank some Shock Top in the backyard. It was a typical All-American day, one that I didn’t get to experience a whole lot of given my hectic swimming schedule all throughout college. It started to rain a bit later, but by that time we had a fairly good group there and we went inside to drink some rum and sprite and play card games until we were scheduled to meet the newer classes of Sphinx at the official house party. It was awesome to see all my old friends again, and 2 divers got inducted in this year and it made me feel like I was passing on an aquatic sport tradition in the honorary.

Tonight is sushi and Gallery Hop, so I’m stoked about that. Gallery Hop is this cool experience where you walk around the art galleries in the Short North (an artsy stretch of Columbus) and drink wine while the galleries promote their artists. It happens the first weekend of every month, and I have wanted to go for 4 years. Today is hopefully the day.